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First Family Meal
Serving Time 4:30 – 6:30

PLEASE NOTE: Tonight is the last Wednesday Night Meal. Meals will resume in September.

Chicken Fried Steak
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy
Green Beans
Salad Bar
Yeast Rolls
Dessert: Texas Sheet Cake (Chocolate)


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First Family Meal
Serving Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

Chicken Fajitas
Rice & Beans
Salad Bar
Chips & Salsa
Tres Leches Bread Pudding
Chocolate Cake
Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

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  • 8-10 tickets ($10 )are available for the Empower Lunch 2016 on Wed., Mar. 2, 10:30 am at Irving Convention Center. Hear The McKameys, Mark Trammel Quartet and Brian Free & Assurance. Travel by chartered bus and Return 3:00 pm.


  • Make reservations for The Outgoing Tide, March 10, at 1:30 Productions, in the office. Tickets are $10 plus lunch. Buses leave church at 11:00 am, returns by 5:00 pm.


  • Sign UP Now for the sliced smoked brisket & fixin’s meal at JOY LUNCH on Mar. 21 at 11:30 a.m. Nancy Hill will sing Easter inauguration music again this year. A $5 per person donation is asked to defray the meal expense.


  • Saviour tickets for Sunday, Mar 20, are at the table across from the office for 7:00 pm only. Admission is by ticket. Tickets are free.


Adoption Scholarship

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Big News

We are thrilled to announce that First Baptist Rockwall through its adoption ministry, “Mosaic,” is now offering a scholarship to couples who are in the midst of the adoption process. This has always been our prayer, and we are grateful to God that he has answered with a “Yes!” We are also thankful to the generous people of our church for entrusting us with distributing these funds to the families who need it. With this scholarship, we hope to send the message to the community of Rockwall (and even to the world!) that we not only care about the orphaned children in our world, but we are willing to do something about it.


In case you are unfamiliar with what Mosaic is and how they function in our church, please let me explain. Mosaic is a lay-led ministry, spear-headed by 6 members of First Baptist Rockwall: Whitney and Brian Weir, Susan and Robert McIntire, and Don and Carolyn Lemon. The goals of this ministry are essentially 3-fold (in no particular order):

  • Support adoptive families before, during, and after the adoption process by…
    • Hosting training events for adoptive and/or fostering families to learn more about certain aspects of the adoption/fostering process. That could mean everything from parenting strategies for kids with difficult backgrounds, to foster care certification.
    • Taking meals to the homes of newly adoptive families
    • Praying for families in any stage of the adoption process
    • Hosting socials for adoptive families to connect with one another
    • Connecting adoptive families and their children with other Adult Bible Study Classes in our church
    • Providing a scholarship for adoptive families who are members of First Baptist Rockwall
  • Provide for orphans near and far by…
    • Building a network of other adopted children in a church community
    • Collecting and Distributing supplies to orphanages and children’s homes in the greater Dallas area
  • Visit orphans around the world with the hope of the gospel by…
    • Organizing mission trips to share the gospel with orphaned children all over the world (Uganda 2017!…more coming later)


If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, below are some things you need to know:

  1. At this time, the scholarship is for members of First Baptist Church Rockwall, who have been members for at least one year.
  2. The scholarship is for families who have completed their home study.
  3. This is for International, Domestic, or Private Adoptions.
  4. This is for people who have already begun but not yet completed the adoption process (no reimbursements).
  5. An application for the scholarship is required and can either be emailed to or can be submitted directly to the church office at 610 S. Goliad; Rockwall, TX 75087.
Download Application

About Disaster Relief

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UPDATE (12/30/15 1:28 PM): We have recently received information about a few opportunities for volunteers to help in Rowlett and Garland. Please be sure you contact these places before you show up to be sure they still do need help. Some information we get is third or fourth hand and can be unreliable. However we know that, aside from the gift card help detailed below, there are some that are off work and ready and willing to go. Maybe these will help you get started:

  • Rowlett and Garland put together a joint resource center to manage volunteers. Details can be found here:
  • First Baptist Rowlett has taken donations and needed help sorting them out. Please contact them first to make sure this is still a viable opportunity.
  • Helping Hands in Rockwall has seen an overwhelming number of donations and needs help sorting all of it. Again, please contact them first to make sure this is still a viable opportunity.

Feel free to post other opportunities you know about in the comments. 

-Michael Crosswhite

First Family,

Lots of you have been asking what we are going to do and how we can help our neighbors and friends in Rowlett who were affected by the tornado last week. “Boots on the ground” will have to come later. Currently they are still only letting in emergency personnel and those who live there. When that is possible we will do what we can.

For now we are asking you to do at least one of the following:

  1. Give Gift Cards: We are asking you to purchase $50.00 gift cards from Walmart, Target, Home Depot/Lowe’s and bring them to the church. 
  2. Give money: you can bring that to the church or donate on line and we will purchase gift cards with it.  We are in communication with the other churches about distributing the gift cards as soon as possible.
    • ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS: At the top of our website ( you will find an item labeled “Give.” Clicking this will take you over to our online giving portal. At which point you can follow the prompts to the item labeled “Make A Transaction.” Doing so will display a list of designations for your gift, and one of them is “Disaster Relief.” Please type in the value you desire there, and we will use 100% of this money to help the families effected by this disaster.

According the City of Rowlett, bottled water, clothing, toys etc are not needed at this time.  If you want to donate those things please take them to Helping Hands and they will distribute them as needed.

Thanks for your willingness to help!

Pastor Steve


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**UPDATE: Thank you all for the positive comments on Facebook and through email. Some of you have asked where this is going to take place. Foolish me forgot to include that, so here it is. It will be in room B100 at 10:50AM, starting on September 13th. Below is a map to show you exactly where it is. Click on it for a bigger view.



Since the announcement of the 8-week Alpha class starting on September 13, I have many people ask about it. My hope in this post is to simply lay down the ground rules of the class, and give you an overview of the topics that we will be covering, and then you can decide whether this is something you need or not.

Ground Rules

1) No base level of understanding required – I’ve had some people that have asked me if they can come. Let me be clear, I’m never going to say “no.” I’m not turning anyone away. If you are a “veteran” in the scriptures (you’ve been reading the Bible for many years now), but you want to look at scripture from a high level overview because you think you might be missing something, let me warn you first:

  • We will be consulting the table of contents every time we turn to a different book. That way no one is embarrassed if they can’t find where it is. We will be covering the beginning steps of navigating through a Bible, and the table of contents is 1 key to that.
  • There will be many times where I teach “beneath” where you are at. By that, I mean that I will say things you already know. I will go to painstaking lengths to make sure everyone is following along and is tracking with where the class is going. I will frequently stop for questions, and I will make sure the questions are answered.
  • All that means: come! Be a part of this study, but you don’t roll your eyes at a question, sigh deeply when a question is re-asked that has already been answered, or respond negatively when you feel like someone is “holding you back” from getting some meat. You just have to recognize (I’m talking to the veterans, mind you), there are some things that you needed explained many times before you understood too. I don’t want to deprive someone of growth in order to please those that have been reading the Bible for some time now.

2) Questions are expected – We’ve all had that teacher that says, “There is no stupid question.” So, at the risk of sounding cliché, in this class there is no stupid question. I’ve taught people the Bible for 12 years now; I have heard just about every question you can imagine. Even more than that, I’ve asked a ton of questions myself! What I often find is, though you may think your question is a “dumb” one, it’s usually much more profound than you may at first realize.

Overview of the Class

With that all being said, let’s talk about what we’re going to be covering each week. Keep in mind, while I’m not requiring you to attend every session to stay in, I would highly recommend it. If you have a vacation scheduled, or something comes up that is unavoidable, no worries. That’s life. But if possible, commit. Just set aside these 8 Sundays to attend worship at 9:30, then Alpha at 10:50. If you aren’t used to going to an Adult Bible Study, it will be an adjustment. However, once you establish a routine, it gets easier. Here is how each week will break down:

Navigating the Bible – Week 1 (September 13) 

  • Translations and why they matter
  • Why these 66 books called, “The Bible,” and not others?
  • Why a New and Old Testament?
  • Using the notes and markings in your Bible
  • Introduction to the overarching story of the scriptures

The Books of the Law – Week 2 (September 20)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Who is writing and to whom are they writing?
  • Where are these places that are mentioned?
  • Creation and the Fall
  • The Significance of the Law
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

The Books Called, “The Writings” – Week 3 (September 27)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Who is writing and to whom are they writing?
  • Key places mentioned
  • The frustrations of the Fall
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

The Books Called, “The Prophets” – Week 4 (October 4)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Key background information to help it make sense
  • Key places identified
  • The extent of the fall
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

The Gospels – Week 5 (October 11)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Who is writing and to whom are they writing?
  • Key background information
  • Key places mentioned
  • Redemption after the fall
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

The Epistles – Week 6 (October 18)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Who is writing and to whom are they writing?
  • Various background information
  • Key themes/places/people groups
  • Justification, Sanctification, Glorification explained
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

The Church – Week 7 (October 25)

  • Why are these books here?
  • Who is writing and to whom are they writing?
  • Pivotal background information
  • Themes/images/places explained
  • Layman’s guide to Revelation (cue scary music!)
  • How do I read a passage from these books, understand it, and apply it to my life?

Conclusion, Celebration, and Review – Week 8 (November 1)

  • Review of things learned
  • Application: how this changes your life
  • How a novice can change lives with the gospel
  • Key resources to deepen your understanding and grow!

What happens next?

November 1 will be our last meeting date. However, all is not lost. For those of you that have an Adult Bible Study that you regularly attend, you will go back to that class on November 8. For those that don’t, you will be encouraged to come back on November 8 to take part in a new Adult Bible Study that will seek to apply what has been taught in Alpha. This Bible Study will meet every week thereafter. It will be a discussion format, in a circle, seeking to understand the text in front of us. Very simple and basic, with lots of participation. If you don’t have an Adult Bible Study class, this is a GREAT way to get involved in the life of our church, grow as a disciple of Christ, and grow in community with fellow believers.

If you have any further questions, please email me, and I will do my best to answer:

Re|Engage FAS

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These are the most frequently asked questions statements that I get about Re|Engage, and they are in no particular order.

I see people with these orange t-shirts everywhere.

We are running our second closed pilot. It’s a pilot because it’s not the full running program. It has a beginning and will have an end. It’s closed because we’re only advertising it inside the walls of our church. The reason we’re doing it is so that we can get leaders that will eventually help us run it (by being facilitators, logistical coordinators, etc…) on a weekly basis, when and if we open it to the public. IN ORDER TO HELP WITH RE|ENGAGE, YOU HAVE TO HAVE GONE THROUGH IT AS A PARTICIPANT. There are no exceptions to that rule. But the reason for the orange tees? As it turns out, in a church where most people wear collared shirts, an orange t-shirt REALLY stands out!

That looks like ReLengage

It’s not. As tempting as it is to move to the next question, I will say one or two things about this. First, I didn’t design the logo (Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX had it designed), so you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like it. Second, the vertical line that looks like a lower case L is called a “pipe.” It’s used as a separator. Though I’m not the designer of the logo, I take it that he/she was going for the separation that often occurs between married couples. That being said, it’s a logo. Don’t get too worked up over it.

My marriage is fine

The first night of Re|Engage, you and your spouse will be separately asked to rate your marriage on a scale of 1-10. 1 is “if this doesn’t work, we’re done,” and 10 is “couldn’t be better.” If Re|Engage was really only for the terrible marriages, we’d just stop the scale at 3 and call it a day! The truth is, there are TONS of great marriages that go through Re|Engage. The reason that great marriages grow in Re|Engage is because it forces you to work on YOU. It really puts your marriage second and your relationship to Christ first. It also requires you to set aside time during the week for you and your spouse to talk openly and honestly. Regardless of where your marriage is currently, you will thoroughly enjoy the time spent growing closer to Christ, and then closer together in Re|Engage.

I mean, we’re not a wreck…um…it’s more like…well, you see…nobody’s perfect…

There are many couples that aren’t on the brink of divorce, but they aren’t exactly enjoying marriage either. Instead, it’s more like they’re coasting through life. In fact, I would venture to say that the majority of the couples that go through Re|Engage would rate their marriage between a 4 and a 7. What if God had so much more in store for you than that? What if he actually gave you your husband or your wife as a gift? What if He actually blessed you immeasurably by giving you the spouse he did? I think those things are true, but marriage takes a lot of hard work. Regardless of where your marriage is at currently, you’ll find Re|Engage is a safe place to reconnect.

So what you’re saying is, this is just another marriage ministry.

Well, yes and no. It is a marriage ministry in that it expects its participants to be a married couple. But it’s also not a marriage ministry in that the curriculum forces you to deal with you. Whereas the vast majority of so called “marriage ministries” deal with you as a couple (i.e. how to talk to one another, how to manage your finances together, etc.). Re|Engage takes a different approach in that it looks first at you as a Christian, and it assumes that any and all problems that you have as a couple is a result of sin. As you begin to see yourself in light of Christ, and your spouse does likewise, the curriculum will then shift to point you toward how to live as a couple with that in view.

We’re thinking about it.

Awesome. Don’t wait too long. We are capping it off at 18 couples so that we can adequately accommodate the crowd. I expect it to fill up faster than last year, which was at max capacity with about 2 weeks left. So, please do make sure you and your spouse are fully committed to doing it, but don’t wait too long. We will open up a wait list if we reach max capacity.

Sign up here for Re|Engage

Leave questions or statements in the comments section and I’ll try to address them if I can.

Only Jesus Transforms: Hebrews 8:1-13

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How do you respond to an advertisement that says a product is “new and improved?” What do you think? What does it take to make you agree with the advertiser that the product is truly “new and improved?”

 Big Picture:

The Holy Bible contains the record of two covenants.

  • Covenant: A pact, treaty, alliance, or agreement between two parties of equal or of unequal authority. The covenant or testament is a central, unifying theme in Scripture, God’s covenants with individuals and the nation Israel finding final fulfillment in the new covenant in Christ Jesus. God’s covenants can be understood by humans because they are modeled on human covenants or treaties. (HBD)
  • Covenants in Scripture between God and human beings are always established from the greater (God) to the lesser (human beings).
  • God’s first or old covenant made with Israel, His chosen people, is recorded in the Old Testament.
  • God’s new (different in kind) covenant with Israel is recorded in the New Testament.
  • Both covenants convey a message of hope and promise from God for the present and eternity for His people.
  • (See Differences in the New Covenant and the Old Covenant)
  • The new covenant intentionally replaces the first or old covenant.
  •  The first covenant predicts and foreshadows (models) the new covenant.
  • The new covenant was based on the person and work of Jesus Christ. His follower’s confidence rests in Him as the Mediator of hope and promises of the new covenant—their confidence doesn’t lie in the covenant itself.
  • In contrast, the first covenant was based on laws given to the people by God and their willingness to be guided by these laws.
  • The New Covenant’s Mediator (7:26-8:6)
  • 7:26-28      The high priest who administers the new covenant is superior to the high priest Melchizedek who was greater than the high priests from the tribe of Levi.
  •  8:1-6           The high priest of the new covenant, unlike priests of the old covenant:
    • is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in heaven
    • is the last high priest to stand between people and God. He is never to be replaced. He can’t be improved upon. His work isn’t temporary but eternal.
    • is finished with His sacrificial work—it is never to be repeated. There is no need to reestablish a sacrificial system as a means for people to worship God.
    • is God/man performs His ministry or service in the holy places in the true that the Lord set up, not man.
    • serves as the mediator between God and people in a permanent place of power and majesty. He is a majestic, powerful and eternal high priest.
    • offered a one-for-all-time gift or sacrifice to God. He offered the perfect, unblemished gift to God—Himself. Jesus Christ did this out of a moral, spiritual or logical necessity. There was no one else who could offer the kind of sacrifice that Jesus offered to God. Only Jesus could appease God’s wrath against sin.
    • wouldn’t have been a priest because by law Israel’s priests were to come from the tribe of Levi. Jesus was ancestry pointed to the tribe of Judah from which King David came.
    • is the real high priest—He can’t be improved upon. Neither He nor the tabernacle in which He carries out His priestly work a copy or image of the complete and true way to worship God. Jesus ministry as high priest was the pattern or mold from which the earthly tabernacle ministry was cast.
    • hit’s the bull’s eye on God’s target of perfection. The measurement of Jesus’ ministry as high priest is much more excellent or greater or better than the ministry of any earthly high priest—including Aaron. His ministry can’t be improved upon. His ministry is new and proven.
    • mediates a covenant between God and His people that is better than the first covenant. One reason it is better is that it was initiated (enacted) by God on better (more excellent) promises than the first covenant. The authority of God stands behind both covenants, but the new covenant is based upon promises that have a higher spiritual purpose than the first (8:8-12). The old covenant couldn’t change people’s hearts, but for those who are receptive to the new covenant internal transformation can come to them. The new covenant can’t be improved upon. It is based on the love and grace of God and it can’t get any better than this.
  • In reality most of us prefer the best, if it is within our reach and available to us. When it comes to your relationship with the Lord God who created you and is sovereign over you, what is the best choice you can make? Is there any way you can improve on Jesus Christ being your Savior and Lord? If Jesus Christ is your Savior and Lord, how can you celebrate His being the best that God has to give you?

    The New Covenant’s Superiority (8:7-9, 13)
  • The new covenant was a necessity because (8:7):
  • it fulfilled God’s promise made centuries earlier to Abraham.
  • Jesus couldn’t have been the mediator of the first covenant.
  • the people chose not to keep the laws on which the first covenant was based.
  • God’s desire to bless His people remained through their unfaithfulness to Him. They would have never found His blessing through the first covenant.
  • Both God and His people were dissatisfied with the outcome of the first covenant. Under the first covenant God continually found legitimate reason for complaining against His people.

    God’s promised a new in kind covenant to His people (8:8-9)

    • God, out of grace, offered a final means of redemption and relationship with Him to Israel, His people. There would be no need for them to look forward to a third covenant.
    • The new covenant would be one based on grace not the law—new in kind. Israel’s right standing with God would now be found through trusting in Jesus Christ the unblemished sacrifice for their sins rather than trying to attain a right standing with God by keeping the law.
    • Unfortunately, under the first covenant Israel let go of God’s hand as He led them out of Egypt toward the Promise Land. Because they refused to grasp His hand, the consequence was that He eventually no longer paid attention to their absence. They broke the covenant that God had given to them out of His loving initiative and care for them.
    • God’s relationship with Israel was of such necessity that He offered to do away with the old boundaries for their relationship and establish new boundaries in which they and all people could live with Him forever.
    • the first covenant was obsolete (8:13)


  • How have you seen God take the initiative toward leading and guiding you?
  • Is your relationship with God based on a contract or a covenant? Is there a difference? Which do you prefer? Which does God’s Word say is best for your relationship with the Lord God?
  • How does it encourage you to know that God reaches out to us, even when we reject Him and let go of His hand?

    The New Covenant’s Promises (8:10-13; Jer 31:31-34)


    • New Heart
        • The Jews faced the problem of being obedient to the first covenant—not because it was weak but because they were weak. They didn’t have a disposition to follow God. Even after God’s warnings, curses and their captivity they refused to keep the covenant.
        • What they needed was new in kind hearts.
        • The heart is central to understanding God’s will. And it is the place of our affection and emotions.
        • God writes His laws on the heart so that the desire of the believer is to follow and walk in obedience to Him. This new heart comes by regeneration.
    • Dr. Christian Barnard, the first surgeon ever to do a heart transplant, impulsively asked one of his patients, Dr. Philip Blaiberg, “Would you like to see your old heart?” At 8 P.M. on a subsequent evening, “the men stood in a room of the Groote Schuur Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Barnard went up to a cupboard, took down a glass container and handed it to Dr. Blaiberg. Inside that container was Blaiberg’s old heart. For a moment he stood there stunned into silence-the first man in history every to hold his own heart in his hands. Finally he spoke and for ten minutes plied Dr. Barnard with technical questions. Then he turned to take a final look at the contents of the glass container, and said, “So this is my old heart that caused me so much trouble.” He handed it back, turned away, and left it forever. (Phil Newton)
    • The Israelites hearts are the same, but God will make them radically new by writing His laws within them.

      New Ownership

    • I will be their God and they shall be my people. (Hos 1:9; 2:23)
    • For the Israelites to be God’s people there had to be a radical reorientation of their lives.
    • They had to acknowledge God’s ownership over their lives.

      New Relationship

    • For they shall all know me, from the least to the greatest.
    • The first covenant was nationalistic in nature. The new in kind covenant is individual and personal.
  • They will not only know about God – they will know God through the implantation of the Holy Spirit in their lives. They will become the temple of God.

    New Mercy

  • I will be merciful toward their iniquities, and I will remember their sins no more.
  • The crowning promise of the new in kind covenant is the mercy of God shown in the forgiveness of the sins of His people.
  • God’s mercy doesn’t come by divine degree but through a divine satisfaction in God’s son, Jesus Christ who bore the penalty of the Israelites and our sins on the Cross.
  • This is why Jesus is our Mediator. It is only through what He has done in His high priestly work that we may know the mercy—loving-kindness—God not giving us what we deserve. Only through Jesus Christ can our sins be forgiven.
  • Forgiveness can’t be earned. It is received by faith (Eph 2:8-9)
  • Bring up forgiven sins to God and He has no memory of them—they are as far as the east is from the west to Him.
  • There is the condemnation for those who are in Christ (Rom 8:1)


  • How does the new kind of covenant that Christ’s followers live under free them to be all He has called and equipped them to be? Are you celebrating the promises and blessings of God as Christ’s follower? How can you thank Jesus for being your high priest?

Battling Lust

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Every morning I listen to the Ask Pastor John Podcast. I can’t recommend it highly enough! But this morning in particular was a snippet from a Piper sermon that tackles an issue that entangle so many men (and women!). I thought I would link to it on our blog for your convenience. It’s only a little over 5 minutes, and it’s spot on!

For the full library of the Ask Pastor John podcast, check it out here:

Why IMB?

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There are thousands of amazing Christian missionaries all over the world, spreading the gospel to unreached peoples. At First Baptist Rockwall, we have decided to reinforce our giving strategy, with a going strategy that focuses on working with our own Baptist missionaries, at home and abroad. This doesn’t mean that members of our church don’t support missionaries from other sending organizations. In fact, some of our church members serve as missionaries through various organizations. Supporting Southern Baptist missionaries really means that organized mission trips will be focused on, for the most part, connecting our people to our missionaries. From time to time we get asked about our missional strategy, and I’d like to take a moment to give some of the main reasons why we’ve chosen this approach. Read More

Summer Hiatus

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Thank you all for a successful year! First Family Meal follows pretty closely with the school calendar, so we will be on hiatus for the summer. The exact date of return isn’t set yet, but we’ll update you here and on Facebook as soon as we know!


Help Wanted!

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The VBS Kitchen Staff, headed up by THE spectacular Jill Randolph, graciously prepares an unbelievable spread for the nearly 250 volunteers that spend the beginning of their summer preparing and sharing the hope of Christ with the children of our church and community. A team effort is required to feed that many people for 4 days, so we are enlisting the help of our Adult Bible Study Classes to stock the kitchen with ingredients needed to pull off this massive feat. Please use the button below to commit to bring an item. All items should be brought to the Kitchen by this Sunday afternoon (June 15). Please put perishables in the fridge, and all else in the pantry, on the labeled shelves. Please contact Jill Randolph at 972-816-8447 or if you need more information. Thank you for the many ways you help make VBS a fun, but meaningful week for everyone involved.

Sign Up

Proclaim Ep. 1 – Tyler Jones

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The power of the gospel has the ability to penetrate any heart. God routinely delivers his people from dark places in spite of what country they live in, what language they speak, or the worldview in which they are raised. Some grow up in a Christian home and know nothing but the gospels power to save sinners from the cradle, while others, like Paul on the road to Damascus, are saved suddenly out of spiritual blindness. In our first episode, Tyler Jones shares about how he came to faith in the midst of an unchurched home. Attending church with a friend, he heard the gospel for the first time, but his journey to faith is anything but typical.


Church Membership

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Growing increasingly more common in the Christian culture is a retreat from ever officially joining a church, in favor of regularly attending and even serving the local body. Many factors contribute to this increasing disdain for membership, but the main questions center around biblical support and the overall purpose of it. Is being a member of a local church body biblical? Let’s look at how you can join us and why we believe in church membership.

Read More

Worshipping with Your Children

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It’s hard to be a parent. You’re responsible for your little one(s) in every way! What a daunting feeling, knowing that who they will be in the years to come has a lot to do with your work now. You have to remember that you’re training up a child, not changing a channel. It’s a process, in which there will be successes and failures. Part of that process is teaching your children the value of worship.
Read More

A Different Look at the Sanctity of Life

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It is Thursday, any Thursday, every Thursday. The care givers at the House of Love, a home for orphans and unwanted children in LaGi, Vietnam, are collecting the bodies of aborted babies at the local hospitals for burial. There are 57,000 (as of December 2013) aborted babies buried here. The ladies prepare the grave, 100 babies per casket, then sweep the grave stones and place flowers at the foot of every grave, any week, every week. Read More

Baptism and Membership

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It is important to us that the members of First Baptist Rockwall be professed believers in Jesus Christ. Does this guarantee that everyone in the congregation is saved? No. What it does guarantee is that at one time every member has testified to faith in Jesus Christ. There are many that are professed believers that come over from another denomination (i.e. Methodist, Christian, Catholic, Presbyterian, etc…). For these members, we do “re-baptize” by immersion for a couple of reasons: Read More