The mission of this trip will be simple and twofold: To encourage and strengthen the Southern Baptist Missionaries and local believers living in Peru, to fan the flame of the Spirit in them to burn and spread well beyond our trip; and also to intimately and personally share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in any and every opportunity that presents itself under the direction of the local missionaries. Pomabama is at roughly 10,000 feet elevation and is quite remote. We will set aside time to acclimate either in Huaraz or in Pomabamba to minimize the chances of altitude sickness. Amenities in the mountains are limited. You must be prepared to “rough it” and unplug from the modern world. Modern medicine is also a day’s drive away, so if you have specialized medical needs, this is probably not the best trip for you. Anyone going on the trip needs to be in decent physical condition. This doesn’t mean a marathon runner, but at least able to walk several miles without stopping. The better shape you’re in, the more options we’ll have while we’re there.

Are you a member of First Baptist Church Rockwall?

Which mission trip are you applying for?

Are you a member of a Sunday school class/small group/Adult Bible Study?

Please use the following space to give a concise testimony of how you came to acknowledge and repent of sin, confess Christ as Lord and follow that in baptism. All responses will not be shared with anyone except the necessary personnel involved in this trip.

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