The Story We Tell

The following series of icons and accompanying message is simply called, “The Creation to Christ Story.” It is a very simple way for Christians to tell the story of Christ, using the whole Bible. We make a concerted effort to see to it that adults and children alike can understand and retell this very simple message. When our adults travel across the world, we wear these icons on a bracelet that we give to people as we tell them the story. It helps people who have never heard the message remember it after hearing it one time. Our 4 year olds spend an entire year learning this story in Mission Friends on Wednesday nights, and our 6th Grade Leaders In Training (L.I.T.) learn it as they are tasked with sharing the gospel with their friends.

This story I am about to tell you is not a story that I made up. This story comes from a book called the Bible. The Bible is a written record of God’s own words, so it is true and trustworthy.

God is the Most High God of creation. He already existed before creation, and he will exist throughout eternity. He created the heavens and the earth and all the things that are in it.

God created humans — male and female. He placed them in a garden and told them, “There are many kinds of fruits in the garden, but you cannot eat the fruit of one tree, for you will die.” But being tempted to eat it, they disobeyed and sinned.

As God had said, the result of sin is death. Because of their sin, all of mankind would have to die in hell. God knew that to solve this problem, his own son Jesus would have to die in our place.

Jesus, being fully God, also became fully man. He performed many miracles as a testimony to being who he said he was. He suffered at the hands of men, and by his death, his Father punished him in our place.

But three days after he was buried, he raised from the dead. His resurrection is verified by many witnesses. By his sacrifice alone God offers to you the gift of salvation. Repent from your sin and believe in Jesus.



Southern Baptists Giving and Going

Our primary means of giving to the world is through the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program, to which we dedicate 18% of our annual budget. In December, we hold our yearly offering, of which 100% goes to World Missions. Last year we gave over $700,000.


Our primary means of going to the world is through our Southern Baptist missionaries. Through these, we seek to formulate long term relationships with a people group in hopes of seeing the gospel spread in a given region over the course of many years.