Preschool Ministry

Partnering with parents to help grow children in the Lord


We welcome you to the First Baptist Church of Rockwall’s Nursery & Preschool Ministry. It is our passion to join alongside the family to help lead preschoolers into a relationship with Jesus. The preschool ministry encompasses children from birth through kindergarten. In our church, we deeply desire to provide children a safe and nurturing environment to grow in Christ.


Nursery & Childcare 8:00, 9:30, & 11:00 AM


  • Parents must sign all nursery and preschool children into the check-in system.
  • All belongings must be labeled: diaper bags, burp cloths, bottles, pacifiers, cups, etc.
  • In consideration of children with food allergies outside food is not allowed in the classrooms. Allergy friendly snacks such as Cheerios, Goldfish and Animal Crackers will be provided.
  • Parents should give special instructions in writing on the computer check-in to the caregiver. For example bottle or nap time.


Sunday School 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Sunday School is a time where your child can learn God’s word through story telling, crafts and interaction with other kids. Though this can never replace the Bible study you do at home with your children, it is a very nice supplement to help children grow in faith.

Sunday School classes take place at 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM for children 2 years-kindergarten.


If your child is 4 or under they should attend Sunday School for one hour, and extended session (childcare) for the second hour. Once your child reaches kindergarten, it is important that you begin introducing them to the worship service.

Children’s Building

The children’s building is situated behind the main building on our campus.

Child wellness policy

In order to insure the safety and health of other preschoolers and workers, please refrain from bringing your child if they have had any of the following symptoms within the past 48 hours without medication.  





Open Sores

*If your child develops a fever or other illness symptoms, you will be asked to take your child home. 

Safety Procedures

Your child’s safety is our first priority. We want you to be able to worship, fellowship and serve with your fellow believers, knowing that your child is learning, growing and safe! In order to maintain a safe environment anyone that picks up your child must be on the approved check-out list. The person’s name will be matched to a digital finger scan that we will capture when you drop off your child. This not only keeps your child safe, but also allows us to automate the check-in/check-out process with kiosks (located on all floors of the Children’s building). When you drop off your child, we will walk you through this simple process. 


MOPS exists to encourage, equip and develop mothers of small children (birth – kindergarten) to realize her potential as a woman, mother and leader in the name of Jesus Christ.