Summer Camp

Summer Camp Purpose Statement:

We go to summer camp to get away from normal routines and distractions to meet with Jesus in a very special environment.  Students are taught multiple messages throughout the week to build and grow their relationship with Jesus deeper than when they arrived.  We often see students able to wrestle with very personal and emotional issues and see how God can and does use those issues to build their faith.  We also show students that it is very possible to get quiet and alone with the Lord when they set aside time to do so.

Summer Camp Philosophy:

Students get 2-3 lessons each day they are at camp from a guest speaker.  We use trusted and vetted teachers who teach accurately from Scripture.  Typically, they are pastors, youth ministers, or missionaries directly or indirectly known by us or trusted colleagues.

Students will sit under and wrestle with this teaching each day through structured and directed lessons, small groups, and quiet times.  Students also have some unstructured free time and feedback time to ask questions or simply spend time alone with the Lord.

They are encouraged to journal, pray, and talk about what God is teaching them.

Students room together, go to worship together, share meals with one another, play structured team building games, and enjoy unstructured free time together.

This gives them an opportunity to meet new people and spend quality time with their friends and small groups.

With the absence of the internet, TV, and constant distractions they entertain themselves and each other in positive and constructive ways.  They often have plenty of time to just talk and enjoy each other’s company.