Venture Weekend is our version of a Disciple Now retreat where students (grades 7-12) spend time in Bible study and worship at the church. Each group is divided by grade and gender.

Venture Purpose Statement:

Venture exists to provide an environment where students want to invite their friends to meet Jesus.  This is our biggest evangelistic event all year.

We want to see all students come to know, love, and serve Jesus better through this structured D-NOW type weekend.  They will hear a Gospel-centered message teaching or reminding them who Jesus is and why that is the most important thing in the universe.

Venture Philosophy:

Students get multiple Gospel-centered lessons.  The weekend is designed to be evangelistic in nature.  The speaker will give a biblical account of the Gospel and explain to students, possibly for the first time, what it means to be a Christian, why it matters to be a Christian, and what happens because of being a Christian.

Often students are presented a chance to come to know Jesus for the first time, to realize that they’ve yet to claim their own faith in Jesus, or to move back into closer fellowship in their relationship with Jesus.

Students spend the weekend in the homes of church members with their friends and usually their Sunday morning small groups.  They spend time in small group discussion with one another, wrestling with the lessons and figuring out how to apply the lessons to their lives in their specific situations.

We want students to bring their unchurched friends, so they can see what it looks like to live the Christian life and experience Jesus with alongside their friends.

Often our college-aged students act as small group leaders for the weekend which provides another opportunity for our students to see mature Christian role models living out their faith.  They have the opportunity to build relationships with these college-aged young adults as well.We typically do a large service project for every student to participate in.  Some years, we will do smaller scale projects at the small group level.  Every student gets an opportunity to spend an hour or so serving others through this weekend.